hi , i miss you .

worm ,

how i wish you know how much i like you , and how much i wish you will like me back . you shouldn’t have come talk to me , give me those fucking false hopes and all . i hate how much i love you . i hate to see the state you are in now . you are like so pitiful , so poor thing . my heart hurts to see you like this . its been 2 days since you texted me , i miss you 😦

will be going off to the shooting club chalet , later in the day . meeting up with shan for lunch first though . i hope it wont be a failure . ohgod . its going to be 3am and i’m not sleeping yet .

i havn’t been talking to piggy recently ): because she doesn’t like us being so close and all . yea , to save piggy all the trouble and prevent them from fighting over me , might as well . not talk to him at all . anyway , each time we talk is over the same stuffs . either he talk abt her , or i talk abt him , or we bitch abt that vampire . its nothing , yea . but i miss not talking to piggy ): he’s my bestest friend ever . ❤

how i wish my life would be so perfect , as things move in a circle . i would have a boyfriend who loves me , play with me and everything , i wont have to worry about not having anyone to depend on . i guess , i still have hopes that worm will turn back and like me again . thn , i would be able to be as close as i want with my best friend , piggy . its been so long since we last talked and i am starting to get used to life without the both of them , again . i dont know when worm will text me again .

that time , you told me that texting me was already a norm , and a daily routine . but i guess , texting her is everything . you want to be with her , you want to marry her , you want to kiss her . what for , do you need me ? i am just her substitute , just like how i was your tool for revenge back then . i am always , second to someone in your heart . when will you really make me priority ?

and what about nina ? are you being fair to her ? you fucker . _|_


worm , i love you . no matter what , i’ here for you . i haven’t left a bit , and i’m still here .

i hate how much i love you . you know i would do everything to make you happy , to see you smile . to put a smile on your face . i like you . i like to see you smile . i like being able to touch you . i miss you . i miss hugging you . i miss holding your hands . i miss kissing you . i miss everything we did together , we should be doing together . i miss you .


About taymin

i'm just me. i laugh, i smile, i feel, i cry.
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